I completed my PhD in clinical psychology in 2009, and subsequently completed a three-year postdoctoral research fellowship on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with a Columbia professor who I had been working with for several years. During that time I studied PTSD in depth and developed a comprehensive theory about how interpersonal experiences influence recovery from traumatic events. However, throughout those three years I found myself wanting more and more to move in the direction of developing myself as an artist. I began to conceptualize an art book that I wanted to create on the topic of fitness, which would integrate various ideas I had (influenced by my study of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, etc.) on the topic of fitness – which was key in my recovery from my ‘initiatory sickness’. Even though my academic mentors were pressuring me to pursue an academic career, at the conclusion of my post-doc (in 2012) I decided to attend art school. I enrolled in full-time printmaking classes at the Art Students League of New York, and over the course of two years I developed and self-published (in 2014) the fitness-based art book I had been conceptualizing for several years prior, The Creative Process Diet.