Additional Plans for the ‘Personal Narrative Structure’ Project

During my final months of art school, as I was putting the finishing touches on The Creative Process Diet, I began to think about what my next creative project would be after I published the book. As I pondered on this question, my mind went continually to the Personal Narrative Structure project. I decided that what I wanted to do was to create a series of art books out of the series of items I had created from birth until now. I wasn’t sure exactly how to do this, but my main idea was to create a separate art book for each phase of development (e.g., one book for early childhood drawings, another book that collected together my writings and drawings from my next phase of life, etc.). I also thought about the idea of creating just one big book that put it all together in one, but I preferred the idea of creating several smaller, phase-specific books.

I have now developed a new idea for the Personal Narrative Structure project. Instead of creating a series of art books on my own, I would like to ‘grapple with the project as a whole’ by finding a computer programming expert and work in collaboration with that person to develop a computer program, website, and app that allows anyone (not just me) to scan, upload, and date-stamp their collected archives of created items (drawings, journal pages, poems, etc.), and to then use the software to sort and ‘play’ with the uploaded items in a variety of ways, all of which help the user to develop a kind of ‘narrative coherence’ out of the disparate uploaded items. Ideally this collaborator and I would develop a way for people to then create and print their own art books based on various ways of sorting and cohering the uploaded items.

One main goal is to ‘gamify’ the site, to create a variety of fun ways to structure and organize the uploaded materials, to facilitate gaining insights about one’s life narrative. Also I want users to be able to create and print their own art books out of the uploaded materials.