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Plans for The Museum of Personal & Social Transformation Project

This is a project I would like to develop initially in Las Vegas, where there are already various types of odd and unique museums for tourists to visit. I would like to create a museum that is dedicated to exhibiting artworks that inspire conversation about personal and social transformation. Also, I would like this museum to be a site for live Fluxus interactive art performance events (works inspired by Fluxus artists such as Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic, etc.). Eventually I would also like to develop additional iterations of the museum in various cities worldwide.

I would like the museum to revolve thematically around two motto-mantras that were central to my work process for completing The Creative Process Diet: ‘warrior mindset’ and ‘keep it fun’. In other words, I want the underlying theme to be about how we (as individuals and societies) can transform ourselves and the world for the better (i.e., achieve our goals with a focused, ‘warrior mindset’), but do so in a way that is fun, playful, relaxed, nonattached, and joyful (i.e., ‘keep it fun’).

I see this museum as a ‘cure’ both for Las Vegas and for our modern world. I am a libertarian at heart and I love the fact that gambling is legal in Nevada, and I love the overall culture of playing and having fun that Las Vegas represents. However, I feel that the idea of play needs to be expanded in Las Vegas to go beyond gambling to all varieties of play (because, obviously, gambling can be an addictive, dead-end road, when in truth there are many other wonderful ways to live in a playful manner). Also, our modern world is very focused on productivity, achieving success, optimizing one’s resources, etc., and while I think all of this is very good, I also think it really needs to be balanced out with a more childlike, nonattached, playful approach. It’s great to work hard, but we need to find ways to make it more fun. These are the ideas I want to promote and explore within The Museum of Personal & Social Transformation.

I envision this museum involving collaborations with many different types of creative individuals, such as: Artists, curators, Las Vegas casinos (most especially Circus Circus, of course), experts in the history and psychology of play, gaming, and related fields, other social scientists, the Strong National Museum of Play (located in Rochester, NY), etc.

I would like to have both a permanent collection and rotating exhibits. Within the museum I would love to exhibit the works of Joseph Beuys, who in some circles is considered ‘the Andy Warhol of Europe’, to help other Americans to learn about his importance and influence on the history of art.